Mises: Meanwhile, on the culture war front

Recently on MSNBC, a commentator claimed that what is happening to Target is “literally terrorism.” A few comments/questions on this subject:

1. Consumers choosing not to give their hard-earned money to Target is now considered terrorism to many on the left; therefore, capitalism is terrorism. If only there was an economic system where you were forced to buy state-approved goods …

2. Would the progressive left consider the calls for boycotts of Chik-fil-a and Hobby Lobby (or local bakers) by the left and LGBTQIA+ acts of terror?

3. I don’t see boycotts for sex shops that might cater to the LGBTQIA+ adult community, so maybe this is less about terrorizing this community and more about stopping the sexualization of kids?

4. Wasn’t there a literal act of terrorism threatened against Target locations in Utah? Was this carried out by conservatives? Where is all the press coverage on this?

Thomas Mises