Mintz: True public servant for Eagle County

Please join me today by showing your support for the most vulnerable members of our community by casting your vote for Jeanne McQueeney for Eagle County commissioner.

I have known her for nearly 20 years through my work in local government and the nonprofit sector. She has long been a strong advocate for the underserved in our community, with particular emphasis on the needs of families and young children. For years, she has championed efforts to support our early childhood system to improve quality of care, increase capacity, and promote fair and equal access for all.

Additionally, Jeanne has been instrumental in the effort to increase affordable housing in our community, ensure that local citizens have access to enhanced behavioral health services, and is a supporter of climate action and protecting our land.

She is a true public servant whose platform of supporting our people, protecting our environment, and promoting a sustainable economy exemplifies what Eagle County needs in a leader — now more than ever.

Sheri Mintz