Miller: Wouldn’t be here if not for you |

Miller: Wouldn’t be here if not for you

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On Aug. 9, I had a horrific bicycle accident after hitting a rock while coming down from the Maroon Bells in front of T-Lazy Seven Ranch. Got turned sideways and then hit the second speed dip sideways. It threw me to the ground pretty hard, and I broke many bones in my shoulder and 10 ribs, as well as collapsed a lung! Ouch. To say the least, I was in a bad way!

I want to thank the people who stopped to help scrape me off the ground. They all put me at ease and got me upright. The ambulance crew who got me into the ambulance and tried to make me comfortable on the way to the hospital, as that was a tough task (But, they did it with aplomb).

I really want to thank the doctors at the hospital — Dr. Frazier, Dr. Roseberry, and Dr. Brew — who put me at ease, re-inflated my lung, and sucked all the fluid out of the cavity between my collapsed lung and my rib cage. They literally kept me alive!

I especially want to thank the nurses and the entire hospital staff in the ICU and the PCU for doting over me the entire time I was in the hospital, which was over eight days! Their care was exemplary and beyond the call of duty. They never let my discomfort ruin their attitude, and their ministrations made me heal faster towards my release.

I also really want to thank Dr. Ruzbarsky of the Steadman Clinic who has recently plated my clavicle and my shattered scapula. I feel I am healing quicker since that surgery. Here, too, the nurses have treated me more than as just a number and as someone they care about.

I cannot say a bad word about the treatment I have received at the Aspen Valley Hospital. They went above and beyond the call of duty with the level and attitude of care I received.

To anyone witnessing this accident or who helped me up off the ground, please give a shoutout to Scott…

Thank you AVH. I appreciate you keeping me alive! In the jungle, I would have been dead!

Scott Miller