Miller: Well, I’m not buying it |

Miller: Well, I’m not buying it

It’s deeply ironic that Larry McGuire of MML Hospitality is quoted as saying, “There needs to be affordable places for people to eat in this valley. .. but (Louis Swiss Bakery) will still be affordable and accessible to everyone,” even as he continues to buy up historic properties in Aspen and Austin for his empire and offer food and drink that’s only accessible to those with a surplus of disposable income. 

As a former Roaring Fork Valley resident who now lives in Austin, Texas, I’ve watched Austin, and my own neighborhood succumb to MML’s monopoly — the group currently owns six F&B venues in a small area that are grossly overpriced for what they have to offer in terms of quality and service.

While I support the renovation and revitalization of iconic places like Mountain Chalet, I don’t support MML’s bottomless need to own all the things, especially when the group is now snatching up out-of-state businesses. 

I’m happy for the Tornares because they’re decent, hardworking people and the business built by Felix’s father and brother will remain, in some capacity, and I’m sure they received a just financial reward.

Just don’t buy into McGuire’s assurances that he cares much about serving the working class of the Roaring Fork Valley, or that he’s even in touch with that demographic. I hope for Aspen’s sake, it will at the very least try and keep the ABC as a place where independent business owners can continue to exist.

Laurel Miller