Miller: Incredible community involvement |

Miller: Incredible community involvement

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was lucky enough to meet Sam Rose on a mountain bike ride up Buttermilk shortly before his first run at City Council. We became fast friends. I was impressed by his commitment to Aspen then, and even more impressed now. 

Throughout these the two years since his first campaign, he’s taken on additional involvement in the community by joining planning and zoning, serving on the performance commission of the 9th Judicial District, finishing the Aspen 360 program, and working as a volunteer on the sexual assault and domestic violence hotline (on top of already being a volunteer firefighter and working for the county as a public health data manger). 

That’s about more than any Aspenites hope to achieve in their lifetime — in the span of a few years. 

We’ve had many political discussions (generally during our long bike rides and uphill skis), from nationwide to local-centric, and although Sam and I don’t always agree, he’s reasonable, willing to compromise and listen, and above all, loves this town for the true community, beauty, and lifestyle it provides.

Spencer Miller