Mill: Continuing a legacy

Here’s why Joe DiSalvo will always be my sheriff and why he should always be yours. 

I have been here since 1960, enjoying the special lifestyle that this valley offers to every member of our community. Sometime back, unbeknownst to me, one of my family members had an issue with the law. Out of the blue, Joey came to me and presented a thoughtful and caring solution that not only solved my family’s problem, but also instilled a respect for the role of law enforcement in our valley.

Rather than simply enforcing the letter of the law, Joey and his office have continued a law enforcement mentality begun by Dick Kienast and fostered by Joey’s mentor and sponsor, Bob Braudis. This enduring history of informed and tempered policing has provided our community with sensical policies that encourage harmony among the residents and a fitting and nurturing atmosphere in which to raise our families.

Why change the very fabric of this long tradition of friendly and enlightened law enforcement we have come to expect?

That is why I’m voting for Sheriff Joe DiSalvo and why I think you should, as well.

Andy Mill