Mesirow: Our work is not done |

Mesirow: Our work is not done

To all our supporters, friends and foes,

Thank you. This election process has been a joy. It was an honor to dive fully into each aspect of our community. To learn from those who disagreed. To be inspired by those striving. To change a mind. To ask … and really listen. To feel supported and enlivened.

To dig my roots as deep as I could reach, then grow.

It has been an honor to share in this process with Ann Mullins, Steve Skadron, Torre, Ward Hauenstein, Art Daily, Sue Tatem and Lee Mulcahy. We are grateful to have a set of such willing public servants.

I am so proud of the team we assembled and the campaign we ran. Thank you, John Sarpa, R.J. Gallagher, Chris Klug, David Houggy, Steve Wickes, Steev Wilson, Chris Bendon, Michelle Kiley, Ashley Lynn, Alexandra Latimer, Mike Rees, Kimbo Brown-Schirato, Riley Tippet and the many more that helped along the way.

When some went low, we inspired and insisted others go high. We influenced the debate, bringing into the discussion fresh solutions to intractable old problems. And we reminded everyone that a better, more responsive, more inclusive government is not only possible but necessary.

We were honored by the support of top national leaders like Jesse White and Congressman Jared Polis.
Most importantly, we are not done yet. We are just getting started, and though not at the table, we will not rest. We will continue to push for positive change and embrace the future while staying rooted in the values of our past.

We will continue to learn, to grow our coalition, to inspire and to act. We will influence policy.

We can end entrenched disenfranchisement by changing the voting date, establishing a modern and proven instant-runoff-voting system, and push for implementation of online voting. We can reduce congestion by forming private-public partnerships to provide green, personalized, on-call, last-mile solutions that replace dirty busses and get cars off the road. We can create a healthier, wealthier, more collective urban center with more walkable areas, green space, and new small businesses. We can provide new affordable-housing products, processes and solutions to house the workforce of tomorrow while keeping our commitments to those who helped build this town and do it more greenly and more efficiently while reconnecting the affordable housing and free markets to ensure a sustainable future.

We can do these things and more. And we will. I have no doubt, nor should you. We will keep working, hard, every day. We will care, and be smart, and sweat it out, then care some more and get back to work. Maybe a dash in the sun, an airplane turn, or a nice glass in between.

We will be back. Who’s with me?
Onward, my friends …
Thank you to all who helped!

Skippy Mesirow