Mesirow: Community needs continuity |

Mesirow: Community needs continuity

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am voting for Joe Disalvo to remain our sheriff. Joe is a good man. He does the work. His soul is of Aspen and he keeps us firmly grounded in our historical legacy during our turbulent and churning times. Our community needs that continuity, now more than ever.

Joe serves with honor and integrity, and I am proud to call him my sheriff. When imperfect, he demonstrates the capacity for reflection and learning. Joe has cultivated leadership through empowerment. He exemplifies healthy boundaries and lives the same work-life balance his employees receive. We all need more mental health in public service, and Joe is leading by example.

Joe has served with distinction, and we deserve his ethic, kindness and sensitivity in Pitkin County for another term.

Skippy Mesirow