Meredith Carroll: Passing offseason time with a puzzle |

Meredith Carroll: Passing offseason time with a puzzle

Meredith Carroll
Muck Off

Those not from Aspen are often puzzled about what year-round residents do here during the shoulder season. Of course that’s not really a puzzle: We relish the peace, quiet and delightful weather — sometimes with a crossword and cup of coffee (or something stronger). Happy offseason!


1. Hyman Ave. ____

2. You came for winter but stayed for ____

5. ____ Pharmacy

7. First name in Pitco law enforcement

10. Aspen tap?

13. Aspen’s nature org.

14. Uninvited house guest?

15. Diamond of the Frying Pan?

16. Two words that drive an Aspen debate in circles?

17. Ultimate ____

18. Make America ____ Again (sign for VP Pence)

21. Summer camp for smarty pants?

25. Aspen’s Hilton?

26. The poop drops here?

28. A local’s favorite offseason retreat

29. The spirit of Aspen crud

33. Bike-happy group

35. Closest place for an affordable meal

36. Aspen’s real estate?

38. Aspen’s anti-aging strategy?

39. Woody ____

40. Coveted Aspen initials

41. Six-inch ____

42. Aspen blonde?

44. First name in Aspen politics

45. Aspen’s second-favorite powder?

46. Aspen’s favorite Dickens’ character


1. Loose at the Bells?

3. Two words synonymous with laughter 4 Christmas morning, to Aspen adults

5. Aspen’s must-have accessory?

6. Part-time ____

8. It wasn’t filmed in Aspen

9. Housewife Hill

11. An Aspen nickname and Oscar-nominated film 12 Many an Aspen ski bum

19. The cougar den?

20. ____, it’s Aspen

22. Roaring ____ River

23. One way into Aspen?

24. Sheriff candidate of ‘69

27. Walter ____

28. Flat short cut?

30. What Vail has in its backyard that Aspen doesn’t

31. Aspen’s least-favorite holiday?

32. Star above Independence Pass? 34 Last name in skiing

37. Aspen’s most populous profession 40 No. of powder-day friends?

43. ____ Mountain


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