Meredith Carroll: Extra extra letters to the editor

Meredith Carroll
Muck Off

Editor’s note: A glitch in The Aspen Times mail system recently turned up a pile of unopened letters to the editor. The Times apologizes for the delay in printing.

Chase Dreams

A Chase bank on Main Street in Aspen?! Finally!!!! THANK YOU!

Jamie Dimon

New York


Le Miserable Milias

Our hearts went out to the plight of Elizabeth Milias after reading her 19 most recent columns, so we did some investigating of our own. Can someone please let her know that the Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) in Aspen, while not unique to Aspen, kind of is. This means most other municipalities do NOT have an electorate that voted for and continues supporting — enthusiastically — a worker housing program. Also, we checked with the city attorney and have confirmed, in writing, that if Milias sells her Aspen house, moves somewhere RETT-free, and ultimately does not return, she will not have to pay the RETT in Aspen (again). Just an FYI, specifically to Elizabeth Milias.

Aspen City Council




Could the county please squeeze three or four more houses on Little Cloud Trail? Over it? Under it? Next to it? There has got to be room for more.

Heath R. Cuppe

Aspen and Houston


At last

I want to personally welcome Vladislav Doronin to Aspen; I am so, so glad you are here.

Mark Hunt



You talking to me?

The (redacted) in Aspen has become utterly (redacted). How is anyone expected to (redacted) when the (redacted) is (redacted)? It did not used to be like this when I first (redacted) here in (redacted). Aspen has become utterly (redacted). It is no more (redacted) than (redacted), and in fact my friends and I have all decided that it is 100% (redacted). Hunter S. Thompson would be (redacted). This is not the Aspen I used to (redacted).

(Name redacted)



Prada’s still here too

I missed Aspen terribly over the past couple of years, so imagine my good cheer upon finally returning to the mountains to find my second-favorite restaurant from Florida is now here plus my sixth-favorite Hampton’s boutique. And so far I’ve counted 14 New York art gallery pop-ups. Only in Aspen!

Mary Kate Mason

Greenwich and Palm Beach


Enough already

I enthusiastically support Don Coram for Congress. Even I am over myself.

Lauren Boebert



Take my wife – please

Re-elect Lauren Boebert to Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. She needs to spend more time outside of Colorado.

Jayson Boebert



Keep It Semple, Stupid

I’myay otnay uresay evenyay iyay etgay ethay okejay anymore.

Roger Marolt

Snowmass Village


Roger That

I’myay otnay uresay iyay everyay idday.

Lo Semple, Aspen


Blurred Lines

I have had a driver’s license for over 50 years – 23 of which were spent part time in Aspen. I have also watched over 2,000 hours of YouTube construction videos in my spare time so it is with tremendous experience that I can say definitively that the Entrance to Aspen can be solved by transforming it into a one-way. Just pick which way and be done already.

Phil Herrup

Carbondale and Denver


Highway to Nell

Although Skico cannot both cause and solve every single one of Aspen’s troubles, it can make the Entrance to Aspen problem better for some (OK, for a few, and both of you know who you are). Coming soon.

Aspen Skiing Co.


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