Menges: Two great choices for Holy Cross |

Menges: Two great choices for Holy Cross

Residents of Garfield, Pitkin and Eagle County counties tend to have it good in many ways. One of those is that most of us get our electricity from Holy Cross Energy. HCE continues to be one of the most innovative utilities in the nation and has moved us towards a cleaner grid while saving members tens of millions of dollars. This is all thanks to an incredible staff led by a member-elected Board. Big thanks to all of you for electing great candidates over the years!

Now let’s do it again! Among numerous great candidates in this year’s HCE election, two stand out that deserve your vote: Alex DeGolia and Kim Schlaepfer.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim over the past five years and have been consistently impressed by her collaborative approach and technical expertise in all-things energy. Kim has successfully led consequential multi-stakeholder collaboratives at the regional and state levels. Her contributions have been impactful, and we will collectively benefit from her service on the Board.

Similarly, I’ve worked with Alex DeGolia on energy and environmental issues for years. He’s incredibly knowledgeable on these issues, and is a thoughtful, effective collaborator. His first term on HCE’s board has yielded significant clean energy progress and fiscal benefits for members. Alex’s values align with my own, as someone who wants an energy system that supports our economy while protecting our climate, land, air and water. 

Kim and Alex are each ideally suited to navigating the complex decisions the Board must make. Importantly, I know they will both do so in a balanced, innovative way, and with the best interests of our communities in mind.

We are fortunate to have these candidates vying to serve. Please do your part and cast your ballot for HCE’s board by June 15!

Chris Menges