McWilliams: Marxists are coming to take over |

McWilliams: Marxists are coming to take over

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

On May 11, the pandemic-era Title 42 authority expired. Title 42 allowed federal authorities to turn back illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border without giving them a chance for asylum in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.  

On May 15, a Washington Post article reported that Biden officials say border crossings are down 50% since Title 42 was lifted. On May 8, Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott deployed a newly-created National Guard unit to the border to intercept migrants. Additionally, on May 16, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he plans to send more than 1,100 National Guard soldiers and law-enforcement officers to Texas to assist with border security between the United States and Mexico. 

Assuming the 50% reduction in illegal border crossings to be correct does not negate the fact that since Joe Biden took office, a record 5 million illegal immigrants from more than 160 countries have been apprehended crossing America’s southern border. And it is now estimated that hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are headed toward the United States with full confidence that they won’t be turned back.

Unlike past migrant surges of Central American families, I believe this pulsating surge consists mostly of single men bringing crime, drugs, and Marxism to the United States. Biden is spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to shift federal agencies and personnel further away from enforcing immigration laws and further toward accommodating millions more illegal immigrants. This is because the Marxists in power in Washington want a one world government with no borders.

Despite the occasional platitudes he may speak regarding border security, the true goal of Biden’s puppet masters is to transform America into a Marxist/socialist dictatorship, whereby the government owns all property and a new Central Bank Digital Currency controls your every move.

Carl L. McWilliams

Glenwood Springs