McWhorter: Yep, separate planets |

McWhorter: Yep, separate planets

Welcome to Earth, John: I truly do enjoy your writings, much like you enjoy reading Lauren Boebert’s emails.

You give the reader a glimpse into the inner monologue of hypocritical elitists who are continually dumbfounded by their countrymen who might think differently (i.e. mindless troglodytes). While you have the luxury of time and resources to ponder and write about the alien cavemen who surround you, many of these people struggle to put food on the table while watching lifelong politicians pander to special interests.

I know this is hard to comprehend from your elitist echo chamber, but not everyone who disagrees with you is a terrorist, caveman or deplorable. They are people who just want to be left alone and not be saddled with debt to pay for Ukraine’s defense or the green energy racket. 

Many common folk (i.e., troglodytes, deplorables, etc.) often wonder if disconnected elitists come from another planet, too. The reality is they fester and grow on Earth when civic duty and common sense is replaced with a “let them eat cake” attitude.

Here are some examples of what those wacky alien cavemen might be looking at when they express discontent for the status quo and appreciate someone like Boebert who doesn’t appear to just “get along” with other politicians who share your disdain for those who disagree:

  • Shut down oil/gas leases and sell oil from our strategic oil reserves to China.
  • Claim inflation is “transitory” starting in June 2021, but then blame Russia for inflation as it picks up in 2022.
  • Botch leaving Afghanistan and leave weapons behind for Taliban. 
  • Send billions to Ukrainian leaders as Americans can’t get necessities like baby formula.
  • Label parents “domestic terrorists” for speaking up at school board meetings.

I must just be a troglodyte who is fortunate enough to read and write but haven’t advanced much further where I can stomach elitist drivel. Or maybe it just takes repetition. Russia bad. Trump bad. Parents bad. FBI good. Biden good.

I’ll make some sketches around my cave to really hammer it home.

Chase McWhorter