McWhorter: Perils of confirmation bias |

McWhorter: Perils of confirmation bias

The reality is we are a society in arrested development. We have pandered to the most sensitive and affirmed the most deranged.

Confirmation bias is not a bug in our society; it is a feature fomented by daily consumption of propaganda from “trusted” news sources. If your principles are maleable based on who or what is being discussed, then you have no moral compass and are a ship without a rudder or captain.

Maybe the next generation will be able to put aside political party narratives and focus on facts. Maybe they can agree that members of Congress coming in by modest means and leaving millionaires is odd regardless of their party.

Maybe they will agree public servants at the FDA going to work at the pharma companies is a conflict. Maybe they will think the revolving door from the SEC to banks is wrong. Given the state of our education system, it’s hard to imagine.

Chase McWhorter