McWhorter: Only common sense

Over the past six years, numerous news stories and opinion pieces talk about the education gap between Democrats and Republicans. As we head into election season, Democrats are widely displayed as the “educated” voters, while Republicans pander to those easily impressionable, uneducated masses.

Basically, we are to believe Democrats get votes from the enlightened citizens, while Republicans get votes from the knuckle-dragging deplorables. 

Being enlightened today apparently just means taking on massive student debt, pursuing worthless degrees taught by lifelong academics only to then beg Congress to forgive the debt (i.e. make others pay for it). Using the past few years as a case study, this type of “education” appears to simply train young minds in the sport of mental gymnastics where justifying blatant hypocrisy is akin to being smart. 

• Hillary Clinton can store classified information on a private server and Obama can take millions of records when he leaves office, but the FBI raids Trump?

• Hunter Biden’s laptop and the Biden family business dealings are not a problem, but the Trump Org must be investigated?

• The CDC can quietly update Covid guidelines, which would have been considered dangerous and anti-science just last year?

• Liberal politicians and bureaucrats can label any opposition “domestic terrorism” while encouraging violence all through 2020 and now against the Supreme Court? 

Since attacking the messenger rather than the message is the name of the game today, I think it is worth noting I graduated from a US News Top 20 university. More importantly, I don’t view my college degree as a barometer of my intelligence or a compass on whom I should vote for in 2022 or 2024. 

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. to realize regardless of the D or R next to their name, lifelong politicians only care about enriching themselves. It doesn’t take a master’s degree to realize lobbyists run D.C. It takes common sense. And, common sense apparently is antithetical to modern education. 

Then again, I must just not learnded enough. I only gots me a simple bachelor’s degree.

Chase McWhorter