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McLain: Walk this way

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Today (Dec. 28), I was returning from Aspen after delivering Christmas presents to my son and his wife. While driving home on Highway 82, I saw the “Walking Woman” trekking her usual route along the highway. How long has she been doing this? Fifteen years? Twenty years?

I don’t know, but she is the sentinel of Highway 82, where — year after year, spring, summer, fall, and winter — we see her walking along the busy route. 

The “Walking Woman” has chosen walking as her cause, whatever that may be. During this Christmas season, she gives hope to those who see her. She is a constant, and she has dedicated herself to her walking. She looks like she is headed somewhere, which only she knows is important to her. 
Some people think this behavior is a little crazy, but I say “God Bless the Walking Woman,” for she is a steadfast character in our community and she harms no one along her way. 

We all have chosen challenges, causes, and crusades in our lives. Some of us choose to take on a project. Some of us volunteer for a cause. Some put one foot in front of the other to put food on the table; some are swept away by the changing drumbeat of our uncertain world, and those become passengers on the wild ride of life. 

It felt good to see the “Walking Woman,” because she is still here doing her thing. 

God bless her, everyone!

Holly McLain