McHugh: One badass of role model

I’m writing this letter regarding Erin Smiddy, who is running for Pitkin County commissioner. I’m thrilled to be writing on her behalf, so I can shed some light on her wonderful attributes — ones that she is much too humble to ramble on about. 

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Erin Smiddy, oftentimes known as “Bird,” for quite some time now. She has both gracefully and tenaciously been one badass of a role model. Just this past summer, she generously welcomed me into her home. I’ll forever look back on these formative months with an ear-to-ear smile and a special kind of warmth in my heart.

Birdie has been exceptionally nurturing, though she doesn’t ever hold back on the truth; her moral compass is one of gold — one that has and will continue to empower people, especially women. She’s a problem-solver, an idealistic realist — attitude-is-everything kind of mentality.

She has brought out a certain kind of courage in me, one I didn’t know I held. The kind that doesn’t let the world overtake her, the kind that isn’t afraid to speak out because it’s what people need to hear.

Essentially, she connects to all generations — her empathy knows no age. To say I have gratitude for this woman would be an understatement. She’s the bee’s frickin’ knees. You’d be crazy not to give your vote to Erin Smiddy. Her compassion is contagious and her perspective a breath of fresh air — something that Pitkin County could ironically use more of. Vote Erin!

Margo McHugh

Tampa, Fla.