McHugh: A leading figure in my life |

McHugh: A leading figure in my life

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing to express my appreciation for Michael Buglione, Pitkin County
sheriff candidate. I’ve been fortunate enough to consider Mr. B a leading figure in my life, growing up beside his daughters Nicole and Linda Lou. Whether I knew it at the ripe age of 9 years old or not, I surely know now that Michael has instilled valuable notions contributing to lifelong humility.

Into our teen years, Mr. B introduced us to the 24-hour rule: Regardless of where we were, how late it may be, we could call Michael with no questions asked and count on him to come to our rescue. Twenty-four hours later meant explanation and sifting through the oftentimes poor decisions that led to needing a helping hand. I give great thanks to the space that Mr. B allowed us to be ourselves and own up to our mistakes — zero judgments, but only room to grow and find some sense of insight.

His trustworthiness and personable nature is so pure in itself that he was able to not only level with, but also reach and reconcile with teenage girls. Now, that’s a superpower in my book.

Mr. B is one of unconditional compassion when it comes to the well-being of others. He is sincerely selfless. His charisma has inspired me to be a better citizen, ultimately serving as an exceptional role model for many. To his core, Michael holds a spirit of integrity and honor — and it’s these intangible elements that will serve this community! Vote Mr. B.

Margo McHugh