McGavock: Would clean up together |

McGavock: Would clean up together

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Negative and misleading information has sadly become a staple in national and local elections. This is a waste of time, not to mention an assault on the goodwill of people and positive community relationships. The sooner we reject candidates’ vitriol and begin the debate of true differences, the better. 

The accusation of orchestrated, election-sign tampering issued by Tom Jankovsky is an example of such misdirection. Ryan Gordon would never condone such an act. Seriously, has Tom met and talked with Ryan? Ryan represents the best in all of us: honest, community-minded, considerate and collaborative.

His response to the accusation exemplifies his approach to problem-solving: He said that he would gladly clean up the sign together with Jankovsky.

It is frustrating when someone disrespects property. When Paula Stepp ran against Jankovsky, an expensive banner that I planted along I-70 was stolen. I was angry and frustrated at the lack of respect for our elections and community. Sadly, there are people on both sides of that have little respect for others’ work.

Ryan will make a positive impact on our community. His skills as a project manager will help him identify issues, communicate priorities to a diverse group of stakeholders and find realistic solutions. His professional experience has given him a deep understanding of the complexity and scope of the issues in Garfield County. Most of all, his character makes him an exceptional choice. Vote! And, cast your vote for Ryan Gordon.

David McGavock

Glenwood Springs