Matheny: Aspen, my injured dog needs help |

Matheny: Aspen, my injured dog needs help

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I used to live in Aspen and worked for the Chamber of Commerce. I am reaching out to this community because I remember it as being an animal-friendly community, and I knew if I got the word out here, that help would come.

Sampson was burned last week in a forest fire, and his owner, Dianne Matheny, is almost out of money for his care.
Dianne Jean Matheny/Courtesy photo

My dog, Sampson, and I were hiking over a week ago and got stuck in a small forest fire. He has third degree burns on his feet, paws, tummy, and scrotum.

He is being treated by a 24/7 animal urgent care and is in ICU. I am about out of money.

His prognosis is real good – but not if I have to put him to sleep for lack of funds. I have never had to do that and do not want to start now. I am including the Go Fund Me site.

I am asking you to read it, share it on Facebook, and, if able, to donate, so my dog will heal (It will take months), and we can be doing what we love again.

Thank you, Aspen, from both of us:

Dianne Jean Matheny

Moran, Kansas