Maron: Completely worth it in the end |

Maron: Completely worth it in the end

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

With all of the commentary swirling around the Midland Streetscape project, I thought it would be appropriate to speak up on this project. In all my 25 years on the Basalt Planning Commission, it is very rare for me to comment on an issue. However, this is of such a seminal nature to the future of east Basalt that I feel such a commentary necessary.

In light of the impending buildout of Willits Town Center and the extreme age of the current downtown infrastructure, the Planning Commission felt it necessary to add this project to the visionary nature of the 2020 Master Plan update. This was done with an unprecedented level of community involvement, as well as with the guidance of the recent Capital Needs Committee, of which I was a part.

Therefore, the level of community involvement outside of the regular council and Planning Commission meetings was more comprehensive that I have seen during my long period of service to the town – not to mention the usual public input opportunities during approval. There should be very little surprises for any engaged citizen.

This project will enhance all modes of transport and accessibility in downtown as well as the visual qualities of our small town pedestrian experience, plus updating some very old infrastructure. All this will help level the playing field of the business experience between downtown and the Willits Town Center. This will be clearly hard for all of us but very much worth it in the end.

The work outlined strikes at the heart of what our 2020 Master Plan was intending to accomplish. 

Thank you all for your consideration on this matter.

Bill Maron