Marolt: What happens when Trumpzis realize they are a minority |

Marolt: What happens when Trumpzis realize they are a minority

Roger Marolt
Roger This

Did you hear the one about the bully who walked into a framing shop? Yeah, she went in hoping to get a border made around her Donald Trump memorabilia and walked out believing she was a portrait of Rosa Parks.

I wish this was a joke, but it really happened, right here in Aspen. I suppose it still could be considered a joke, but it’s a pretty darn nasty one if it is.

We don’t know what happened for sure. People in disputes get entrenched in their recollections of what happened, somewhat like Trump himself gets encanyoned in his alternative facts, and we end up having to meld two stories about the same thing. What we do know is that the customer claims that the proprietor refused to frame her inauguration invitation because she is a Trump supporter while the shop owner says she couldn’t do it because the invitation was damaged and it wouldn’t have worked out very well.

It sounds like this difference of opinions could have been settled very simply the old-fashioned way by the customer slamming the door on her way out and the business proprietor shouting something snarky as she leaves. We should have been so lucky.

Instead, the disgruntled bully of a customer, in her own words, made “multiple attempts to get … The Aspen Times and also the Aspen Daily News to run my story.” She riled up 290 readers on Facebook to support her crusade. She convinced Fox News, the “Dana Loesch Show,” Edward Woodson’s show, Red Alert Politics and “multiple other news outlets” to shine a light on this “event.”

I get it, an eye for an eye — you refuse to do a teeny, tiny project for me and I obliterate you, personally and professionally. It is an example of how the best of a market economy can bring out the worst in humanity.

This, dear readers, was not an effort to right a wrong. This was a full-on, scorched-earth effort to destroy another human being’s reputation and her ability to make a living. This was an attempt to humiliate her beyond salvage. It was insanity punching the lights out of common sense.

Why would anyone do this? The bully explained, “It was not done to gain personal attention. This was not done to act like a snowflake and whine about my terrible plight. … This was done to document the hypocrisy and demonizing double standard of the left’s rhetoric. The only tolerance and respect they have is for that which aligns with their own destructive ideology and deranged agenda.”

OK, now I get it. If you don’t like Donald Trump, you, of course, possess a destructive ideology and deranged agenda and hold demonic double standards in, presumably, all things. Call me crazy, but that appears to be intolerance and disrespect times 65,844,954.

The high-minded bully proclaimed that she in no way advocates taking legal action in an incident like this, as if a crime was committed. Well, why on Earth would she when she can so effectively pronounce her own defamation sentence on another human being in the court of public opinion? There is no sense getting a judge involved who might have set her straight or demanded a bit of civility or, heaven forbid, give the shop owner a fighting chance.

Still on her high horse, the compassionate bully also benevolently mentioned that, “The safety and privacy of the (shop owner’s) family should be respected,” at least as far as people posting her name, address and phone number all over social media after the bully had gotten them all worked up, turning silliness into a national headline are concerned.

The meanness of this retaliatory approach bothers me. But it is not the most disturbing thing. The bully actually believes she is suffering true discrimination. She compared herself to the gay person barred from buying a wedding cake. What’s the difference? Not that it should require any explanation, but you are entitled to kick someone out of your shop for being obnoxious; it is not OK to kick them out because they are black, gay, a woman, Jewish, Muslim, Mexican, Catholic, disabled, etc., etc.

No, even though the Trumpzis are a minority, they are not in danger of being victims here. They are not being banned from The Land of the Free. They are not being threatened with deportation. They are not being abandoned in countries where they face deadly persecution. Their voices in the press will not be selectively blackballed. They are not being marginalized by a 2,000-mile wall. Least of all, they will not face retaliation for rolling their eyes at the Commander in Tweets.

Roger Marolt is expecting to get his business savaged and/or himself deported over this one. Adios amigos! Email