Marolt: Abortion does not Trump all other issues in this election

Roger Marolt
Roger This

For relative complexity, the Ten Commandments are no Internal Revenue Code. If the two documents are approximately the same thickness it is because the former is etched in stone while the latter is transiently printed in tiny font on pages thinner than department store packing tissue.

I’ve read the Commandments a few times from start to finish. I don’t see any loopholes in there. The tax law, on the other hand, contains more opportunities for open interpretation than even a boob like Donald Trump and an earnest CPA combined can account for.

Chapter Five, one of the shortest in the Commandments, says in total, “Thou shalt not kill.” That’s it. There’s no room for moral finagling. I’m not saying there are no outs in this or extenuating circumstances that might get someone off the hook for violating the rule, but, if there are, the author is keeping them tight to his flowing vestments. That’s probably why he has strongly suggested we do not get into it by judging each other and to leave that sort of thing to him.

After all, what man in history was not justified in his own mind the second before he did in his nemesis? The other guy had it coming, right? Well, we just don’t know for sure, and we might even have different opinions on the matter when we examine the same facts. I mean, you might end up in jail for shooting someone who a court was going to eventually convict and send to the electric chair anyway and so, then, you end up doing hard time for simply having bad timing and saving the taxpayers the cost of killing the other guy themselves. Why play that game?

When left on our own to decide, murder and taxes are not all that different as evidenced by some of us justifying not paying our taxes because it will only get wasted by the government anyway.

I bring this up because the election to select the next president of the United States is less than a month away, and I think many people are determined to vote for Trump, an otherwise completely worthless candidate, in fact the worst candidate ever to seek the high office, for the sole reason that he is allegedly against abortion.

I want those people to know there are lots of people against abortion who would never vote for Trump anyway, and I know this because I am one of them. One good reason is that Trump is all for the death penalty and, if you really think about it, that, too, is killing and just as much so as is abortion.

It’s all about the value of a human life, right? And, what is the value of a human life? I’m talking about the spiritual value, not the actuarial worth that insurance companies use to value limbs severed from bodies in factory accidents. The answer, of course, is that every human life is of infinite value. Do you agree? If so, then one life is worth the same as 100 lives, or even 1 billion lives, for that matter. This is actually a very cool thing — your life is worth all of mankind to our creator, and so is everybody else’s. It gives you incredible respect for yourself and everyone else on the planet.

Grab a pencil and do the math: One times infinity equals infinity. A million times infinity equals infinity. Therefore, one equals a million, at least in this case of celestial math on human worth that can’t be measured.

Need more convincing? In the spiritual realm, what happens if you unrepentantly kill a person? You go to hell. All right then, what happens if you kill 10 people? You go to hell, too. The punishment is the same and there is no parole in either case. God is no happier with you if you just kill one person than if you do 10, or even 10,000. I’m applying levity on a heavy subject here, but think about it as soberly as you like. It’s probably true.

Anyway, this is why I think the death penalty is as harsh as abortion is to the dignity of human life and it’s why I can’t differentiate between Trump and Hillary Clinton on this issue and why I’ll try not to judge too harshly and leave it up to God to handle in all cases. The added bonus is that if his supporters put this issue aside, I think many might see Donald Trump for the hateful, arrogant, dangerous, buffoon he is.

Roger Marolt hopes America is never as great again as it was when we slaughtered the Native Americans, embraced slavery and didn’t think women were smart enough to vote. Email at


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