Marks: Contributing to terrorism |

Marks: Contributing to terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was shopping at City Market on Dec 30, 2022, in Aspen and purchased a Klondike ice cream cone package — a Unilever product.

After I took it home, I looked on the back of the package and see that this product was made in Russia! How can Kroger still be selling products made in the terrorist regime of Russia?

Unilever has said they no longer source Russian food products. However, why hasn’t Kroger pulled these products from their shelves?

Even if they remain in the supply chain, a responsible retailer should be aware where their products come from. Russia is a terrorist state. Any and all Russian food products must be removed from their stores.

If Kroger is selling such products, its shows they have no concern for the Russian aggression and state-sponsored terrorism the country is currently inflicting on Ukraine. Kroger can do better. Stop selling Russian food products now!

Paul Marks