Markalunas: Stuck with buses forever?

Council person Ward Hausenstein strikes me as having no concept of the efficiencies of light rail. His take is to keep the public transit person forever on a bus.

Buses have a very practical and useful function, but they will never have the same efficiencies as light rail.

So given the current mind set of our present City Council, we can only hope for a change in thinking.

Some years ago, we (as public officials) aspired to have a first-class light rail system for the valley as we set in place its possibilities by the acquisition of a 42-mile rail right of way.

Unfortunately, we still have few forward-thinking persons on today’s council. So given their current mindset, we can only hope for change in the years to come.

In the meantime, it’s “Get on the bus Gus! And don’t you fuss! Cause light rail is not for us!”

Jim Markalunas