Markalunas: Put Aspen foremost |

Markalunas: Put Aspen foremost

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am writing to support the re-election of Torre as mayor of Aspen. He has demonstrated, over his many years of service to the citizens of Aspen, that he values Aspen foremost as a community.

He has balanced many interests over the years and demonstrated the ability to affect positive change. He does not allow his professional or personal interests to influence the policies that he carefully considers and votes to implement. 

Aspen has changed significantly since the pandemic and the skyrocketing of the real-estate market and associated development. Traffic congestion has only exacerbated the need for creative solutions to improve the impacts of traffic and to mitigate the impacts of overwhelming construction on our quality of life. 

Torre has proven his ability to work diligently for Aspen and has always strived to make Aspen a viable, livable community for all residents including working people and long-time residents. I encourage all Aspen voters to cast their vote for him for mayor.

Lisa Markalunas