Markalunas: Not buying stats showing traffic down |

Markalunas: Not buying stats showing traffic down

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The city of Aspen’s representation in Wednesday’s Aspen Times that Castle Creek Bridge traffic is less than 1993 levels requires some level of scrutiny. 

These traffic count numbers are only really meaningful if they compare ALL of the traffic across the Castle Creek Bridge and all of the traffic that drives through the West End neighborhood and goes down Power Plant Road. I believe there is more drive-around traffic than ever before.

Only then will we have the true representation of the traffic counts and their fluctuations. Anyone who has driven in Aspen over the years can attest to the fact that congestion on Mill Street, Main Street (with turn lanes now regularly backed up through the next traffic light) has only increased since 1993 — and even more so in recent years. 

Perhaps City Engineering should revisit their process to determine a more accurate reporting system to reflect actual in-town traffic counts and the corresponding impacts on the environment and the quality of life. 

I think they are kidding themselves that overall traffic is decreasing.

Lisa​ Markalunas