Malo Jr.: Right likes to confuse terms

Figuring their ignorant base will equate socialism with communism, the right wing has always thrown around the word socialism recklessly. After all, we fought wars against communism, didn’t we? Take it from one who was tutored in Marxist philosophy by a John Bircher, the right doesn’t know what it’s talking about. 

Doctrinaire Marxist/Leninist socialism calls for the proletariat (workers organized into unions) to control the means of production. In other words, assume the role currently performed by the large corporations.

Also, there is no private property in a pure socialist state. All real estate is controlled by the state and distributed to the masses according to who can put it to best use and need.

Not Bernie nor AOC and the rest of the Squad are proposing we do anything like these actions. All they’re saying is America should observe the “for” part of Honest Abe’s government of, by, and for the people and provide a social safety net for those in need.

And, socialism isn’t the same as communism. Communism is a political system whereby the proletariat organize themselves into communes or soviets. 

Where the fraud of communism comes in is when it contends at first a strong central government is necessary to protect the soviets from the imperialists and will “wither away” as worldwide communism is achieved. In reality, a strong central government never gets anything but stronger until the proletariat rises up and knocks it off its perch.

On the other hand, socialism is an economic system best summarized by Marx’s words, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.”

Fred Malo Jr.