Magoon: Something must be done |

Magoon: Something must be done

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was taken with the letter to the editor by Curt Lyon (“Get me off this plane!”). I love Aspen and my life here, but the airport is a nightmare.

On a recent Saturday, the sun was not up in either Aspen or Denver, and I landed in Denver at 11:25. My flight back, which was scheduled to leave at 2, instead left at 5:30. I would have driven if my flight had been cancelled earlier, but every hour, it was delayed for another hour.

A couple of months ago, my plane landed on time (a miracle). The person who picked me up drove around and around the airport for 45 minutes while we sat in the plane. We sat in the plane longer than the time it took to fly from Denver to Aspen.

Something has to be done. I totally understand weather problems. Our airport has become a bad joke!

Nancy Magoon