Mackey: Time to stay the course

It’s time to stay the course. A vote to re-elect Joe DiSalvo is the clear choice in this election.

His opponent has revealed little on the campaign trail. “It’s time for a change” may be fine as a campaign slogan — but it’s a problem when that is also your platform.

Sheriff DiSalvo has the track record. Over 80% of Pitkin County residents agree with the services they receive from our Sheriff’s Office. (Pitkin County Community Survey)

DiSalvo is on record on what we need to change and improve to move forward on compassionate law enforcement in the valley. He understands the requirements, design, and components the valley needs in our jail — new or remodeled — and will work with the commissioners to get there.

His opponent has unilaterally decided no new jail; he would remodel the old one. Be careful what you commit to. We built DIA from the ground up for $4 billion ($8 billion in today’s dollars). LaGuardia just spent $6 billion remodeling one terminal.

It’s time to stay the course. DiSalvo will continue to deliver and improve on the quality, caring law enforcement we all benefit from.

Ask 80% of Pitkin County residents. Vote Disalvo.

Craig Mackey