Mace: A giant in so many ways |

Mace: A giant in so many ways

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

This is how I will remember Ann Korologos: She let me borrow Veryl Goodnight, one of her artists!

Five or so years ago when delivering sculptures to the Ann Korologos Gallery, it was suggested that Veryl cross town and meet me at the Toklat Gallery. We had a shared passion: the Alaskan husky and dog sledding. She was researching dog sledding in the lower 48, and I was able to share a great deal of my family’s history with her.

She became a treasured friend, offering to do a painting of my father (Stuart Mace) and one of his husky teams for Toklat’s 70th anniversary.

But first, we needed to ask Ann’s permission, which was promptly given. “Legends of Ashcroft,” painted by Veryl Goodnight, was unveiled at the Toklat Galley on Jan. 11, 2019.

Here is Ann’s gracious tribute to Veryl and myself that night: Click on Video#5.

Veryl’s poignant comment watching this was that she saw “the grace and depth that made Ann Korologos a giant in so many of life’s arenas.” This is how I will remember Ann.

Lynne Pfrimmer Mace

Washington, Virginia