Lum: Round round get around, I get around |

Lum: Round round get around, I get around

Su Lum

Last Wednesday, my daughter Skye took me to Basalt to see Abby at Dr. Borcher’s office, which I — without a lot of confidence — accomplished without the wheelchair, using just my walker.

That worked as well as I could ever have guessed, and I was eagerly anticipating my upcoming week of filial baby-sitting to try new things.

On Friday, my friend Hilary left for an evening in Denver and a landfill computer program seminar in Jacksonville, Florida. Since I have recently been experiencing dangerous oxygen deprivation incidents, Skye and my daughter Hillery opted to take turns looking after me during the week that Hilary would be gone.

I should insert here that Hurricane Matthew had other plans, and Hilary received the seminar cancellation notice when she was already on the Jacksonville plane and what with nonrefundable tickets she decided to take a few vacation days in Florida, hanging out on a balcony in a motel right on the beach of which she was almost the only tenant.

From Friday to Friday my kids are alternating staying with me to make sure I don’t get my big toe stuck in an oxygen tank, as well as pampering me within an inch of my life with gourmet meals and waiting on me hand and foot, including pedicures.

On Sunday, I suggested to Skye that we go to Clark’s Market with just the walker. When it came time, I was wavering, not at all sure I could do it, but Skye said, “We’ll take them both and if you need it I can get the chair.”

So we did that and I only needed to sit down on the walker once. It was much easier than when Hilary and I tried to do it with the wheelchair — she pushing while pulling the grocery cart and juggling the oxygen. This way Skye could navigate the cart while I carried the oxygen tank in the walker.

That I was able to do this was a quantum leap forward. It means that I can go to the store with Hilary when she gets off work and build up my strength shopping with the walker. The more I can build strength, the sooner I’ll be able to drive to the store, and that will make an enormous difference in my general independence and outlook on a life that has become maddeningly narrow. Yes.

Of course I had to overdo it by canning half a box of tomatoes, leaving the other half for Skye to pick up the pieces when she has just about had it with canning this year. But I’m still going through my addiction to fresh aspic and I needed them tomatoes, speaking of narrow.

I did find a sample ballot at and will plow through state questions next week. I love watching Trump self-implode.

Su Lum is a longtime local who runs in her dreams. This column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. Reach her at