Lum: One last endorsement stab |

Lum: One last endorsement stab

Su Lum

I’m sure that every person who is going to vote in Tuesday’s election has already done so — har har — so consider this a reminder to scramble through that pile of papers on your kitchen table, find your ballot, mark your ballot choice (Bert or Mick), affix two stamps on the envelope, sign it and put it in the mail.

Or you can hand-deliver your ballot upstairs in City Hall.

I can’t imagine there’s going to be a huge turnout for this election because the candidates are not philosophically at a distance. I based my decision on the one who I hope will shake things up the most: Bert Myrin.

I’ve been having ever-widening worries that the city government is being increasingly staff-driven, with the aims of the staff being in line with neither those of the council nor the people. To me, it’s high time to do some nonpartisan delving into the city’s operations.

Steve Skadron disagrees, quite heatedly claiming that the staff was beyond reproach and Mick Ireland had six years to look into things as mayor and didn’t seize the day, so we’re not going to be able to expect much from either of those guys. I’ll be hoping that Myrin can fan some flames in that direction. He knows how it is supposed to work, who should be accountable to whom and the wherefores of it not working.

Another difference is their attitudes about the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. Just the other day, Mick was saying how necessary and important the chamber is, whereas I am viewing it as only marginally better than our U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which consistently endorsed wild Koch brothers ideas.

How did the Aspen chamber dare get off spending a potful of money against Referendum 1 without polling each and every one of its members and documenting their support?

Why does the chamber have control of the lodging tax money to spend on Aspen publicity rather than putting this substantial contract out to bids?

It wouldn’t be the first time we dissolved Aspen’s chamber — it used to be like a game of musical chairs (or spoons).

And while I am being pissed off, our number of choices for the huge new quarters for government departments (based on the entirely false premise that they all need to be in the same place) have been reduced to two, and it looks as if this thing is going to go roaring through with little say from the public and (as usual) no mutual effort between the city and the county to merge, mingle and make the most of the space we already have.

Move departments that are already separated out to the lumberyard, put the police and Sheriff’s Office on the Zupancis property, keep City Hall, and rue the day you gave away the old art museum to a brewery.

I’m voting for the candidate whom the city doesn’t want on the council: Myrin. Even Mick’s oldest enemies in the city are rooting like mad for Mick, as are the people presently on the council.

That’s good enough for me.

Su Lum is a longtime local who wants things shaken up, not stirred. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. Reach her at