Lum: Filling out the ballot |

Lum: Filling out the ballot

Su Lum

I have before me my freshly opened mail-in ballot, and this time I’m not expecting any big surprises.

Please note that I am not telling anyone how to vote — I’m just saying how I’m voting, though I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would vote for Neanderthals Cory Gardner, Scott Tipton, Bob Beauprez or Mike Coffman (who is not on my ballot), who barely believe the world is round.

I’m voting for the Democratic candidates for all the federal and state offices — sorry, Lee Mulcahy, but you’re too far out, even for me.

Closer to home, the candidates for Pitkin County offices are all running unopposed (they would appreciate your support) except for District 1 county commissioner, where Patti Clapper is trying to get her seat back after a term-limitation hiatus and Rob Ittner is trying to hang onto the seat after finishing his first term.

I have never supported Ittner, and this occasion is no exception. I do, however, have a strong admiration for Clapper, whose diligence and research prevented the Environmental Protection Agency from digging up 3 feet of topsoil over the entire Smuggler area back in the 1970s and who then successfully served on the county commission in the seat she is seeking to regain now.

Ittner is the voice of business and growth; Patti is the voice of the folks who, despite diminishing odds, manage to keep on peeping.

I fill in the oval for Patti and move on to the uncomfortable subject of the judges.

The Red Ant says if you don’t know anything about the judges, vote against them. I say if you don’t know anything about them, don’t vote at all. I am voting for Fernandez-Ely and none of the others.

I am voting “no” on Amendment 67, just as I have voted against all personhood/anti-abortion questions that keep showing up on the ballot. I’d vote to make it more difficult to get questions on the ballot in the first place.

Amendment 68, about gambling money for school support, is a big “no” from me. I wrote a whole column about it on Sept. 10. Let districts decide on gambling by themselves.

Proposition 104 is a little bit sneaky. It calls for public meetings on bargaining matters that might well need to be held in private sessions. I’m voting “no.”

Proposition 105, to label genetically modified food, gets a big “yes” from me. The more we can find out about the food we ingest, the better.

On to county measures. 1A on the ambulance tax is a no-brainer. If you value your life, vote “yes.”

1B asks to change the home rule charter so that citizen boards aren’t limited to two-year terms. It’s hard enough to get good people on the boards in the first place. Be flexible. “Yes.”

1C had me mightily puzzled since it asked to eliminate the Conflict of Interest Committee that I didn’t know existed. Turns out someone thought this was a good idea at the time, but while members of the committee were appointed (every two years?) they never met. A housekeeping item — I’m voting “yes.”

On to city measures. Referendum 2A is skimpy on details (and try to find it online!), but it aims to eliminate the Mallory/Romero mess we had when the council was deadlocked over Steve Skadron’s replacement on the council. Special elections instead — yes! I hope that’s what it means. I’m voting “yes.”

Finally, Referendum 2B is a tightening of term limits for the mayor and City Council. I do not approve of term limits and am voting “no” on this one.

Su Lum is a longtime local who is delivering her ballot and going to Disneyland. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. Reach her at


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