Lum: Amendment 69 not ready for prime time |

Lum: Amendment 69 not ready for prime time

Su Lum

Last week I wrote how I was going to vote on all the state questions except for the Colorado Health Care Amendment 69, which I couldn’t make head or tail of.

Going on the theory that if the insurance companies are against it, it might be a good idea, I gave it my best shot only to find that the plan is half-baked and definitely not ready for prime time.

The main impediment is that you can’t implement a statewide program to solve a national problem. Everyone has to pony up equally (by which I mean fair share), and the single-payer system needs to work the way Medicare does, which, in my opinion, is great for seniors.

Colorado Care will not replace Medicare, but it will replace your choice of supplemental plans. I can attest that our supplemental choices vary greatly.

The administration of this mess will be at the hands of 21 appointed members with unidentified qualifications and near unlimited power running the ship. What could possibly go wrong?

I am glad that Colorado decided to take a whack at this to get things moving in that direction, but right now it is kind of the platonic view of health insurance; until it goes back to the drawing board for major refinements, I have to say “no.”

I was surprised to find 22 choices for president. If you vote for anyone except Hillary Clinton, you are voting for Trump. Seriously — Donald Trump. If in doubt, think Supreme Court.

Despite the evidence, several friends of mine are terrified that Trump will win the election. I want to go on record as having said from Day One that Hillary Clinton will be our next president. If I am proven wrong, may I never write another political column again (yes!).

Should the unthinkable happen (it won’t), we will certainly deserve what we get, having had plenty of warning.

The president is abbreviated POTUS and the first lady FLOTUS. What will they call Bill Clinton?

Chris Bryan wrote a letter to the editor pointing out that I didn’t understand how the approval of judges worked. I freely admit to that, but he said we only get to pick our known judges and I’ve still never heard of any of the ones on my ballot so I’ll let that ride. I am only dealing with my ballot, by the way, no Snowmass or Basalt questions.

I like Gail Schwartz and am happy she got back into the game — ditto for Chip McCrory for district attorney.

Why isn’t anyone running against George Newman or Steve Child for county commissioner? I’ve already endorsed Greg Poschman, but I’ll do it again: Go, Greg.

I endorsed the four city questions and also support the continuation of the county Open Space and Trails tax, though I wish it were for a shorter time than 20 years and that provisions be made to keep an eye on the money.

Early voting leads to early endorsements. I miss the build-up; I miss Mick Ireland’s exit polls and the snat-snat of Kathryn Koch’s chalk tallying the votes on the blackboard.

Don’t forget to put on two stamps if you mail your ballot.

Su Lum is a longtime local who is not voting for any republicans unless or until they come to their senses. Her column appears every Wednesday in The Aspen Times. Reach her at