Lowe Enterprises treats its workers right

We are both Aspenites of long standing and longtime employees of Lowe Enterprises. Between us, we have worked for Lowe Enterprises for more than five decades.

Lowe Enterprises, which has partnered with Jeff Gorsuch and Bryan Peterson on Gorsuch Haus, has a 45-year local history with Aspen. Bob Lowe’s first project as a developer was The Gant here in Aspen, which he built in 1972. He and his company have since developed successful resort properties around the West. And Lowe has managed The Gant, as well as several properties in Snowmass, for decades.

In our experience as employees, we can say that Bob and his company are great employers. Lowe cares about the people who work for them and does its best to create a supportive working environment. Unfounded criticism from outside the community is best offset by testimony from those of us who have lived and worked here with Lowe for many years.

Donnie Lee and Maureen Callahan

The Gant, Aspen

Letter to the Editor