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Lovins: Her talents are broad

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I have worked with Britta for the past 11 years on the team at the Farm Collaborative (formerly Aspen Tree), first as board members, then she became an incredibly valuable staff member. She wears many hats and has connected us all through her hard work. One of her special skills is creating a strong bond with the young folks (20 to 30 year olds).

Her talents are broad: artistic (see the last edition of “edible ASPEN”), collaborative, a strong sense of history, and a powerful understanding of the community as a kid growing up here and a single mom raising her family here.

We both were extremely inspired by the work John Denver did for the environment — she as a child going to the Windstar Earth Keepers, and I as a longtime Windstar volunteer.  

She believes that the younger generation has a strong connection with the environment, and I do, too.  

I urge you to vote, and vote for Britta. The Snowmass Town Council will thrive with her leadership.

Judy Hill Lovins