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Louthis: Comparing campaigns

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Joe Disalvo’s last published supporter list has more names than Michael Buglione’s. Several on the list are well-known celebrities, and scores of them are non-residents of Pitkin County or have only tenuous ties to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Michael Buglione’s supporter list consists of people who are the salt of the Pitkin County earth. His campaign is not able to afford to pay a professional campaign manager. His campaign cannot afford to throw a “meet and greet” party at the W Hotel.

Michael Buglione and his completely volunteer group of supporters are walking from door to door and trying to talk to as many residents as possible. This is far more sincere and certainly more work than throwing unending money into fancy political ads. 

And, unlike DiSalvo, Michael is turning all of his financials in to the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office on time. (See County Clerk and Recorder Ingrid Grueter’s letter.)

Tricia Louthis