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Lots to love about Lift One

I really like the plans for the Lift One corridor. I like all the ways they are paying homage to “old school” Aspen. They are bringing the lift closer to town, back to its historic location where it was built in the 1940s to be the longest ski lift in the world.

My mom has a picture from back then of women in skirts riding the lift with their wood skis strapped on! The plan is to celebrate our roots in this collaboratively planned neighborhood with a ski museum and bring back the Skiers Chalet. The deck of the Skiers Chalet will look out onto open space parks, as big as Wagner Park. I can see myself and my friends sitting on the deck of the Skiers Chalet in the afternoon having beers, not just during ski season, but also during the summer when the parks will be filled with families and kids and dogs.

What’s not to love about that?

Maria Morrow