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Long: Just another nail

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I’m guessing by now, everyone has open their letter with your new house or condo or townhouse valuations. What a joke.

So here is another reason to be upset with all the ultra rich who came to our valley, bought houses at super-inflated prices only to have our condo, townhouse, or house double in value.

Most people in our valley worked hard to get a foothold here — only to have the stupid spending by the ultra rich make it more difficult to live here.

Taxes can only increase by 5% a year, but with these new inflated values in 10 years, most people won’t be able to afford the taxes. Sure, your place is worth more, but most of us aren’t planning on selling; so on paper, you look great, but in reality, your taxes will be a deciding factor as to whether you can afford to live here.

From not having any restaurants or store that we can actually afford, we now have the billionaires wanting to expand our airport to bring in their larger planes.

I moved here in the ’70s to an actual locals’ town. I’m afraid we have lost that forever.

Ian Long

Snowmass Village