Littwin: Why Democrats should love Donald Trump |

Littwin: Why Democrats should love Donald Trump

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

If you watched Democratic Debate III, against the apparent wishes of the Democratic Party, you’re probably talking about two things: Hillary Clinton’s loo-ghazi (as it’s being called) bathroom break and, of course, Donald Trump.

One was funny, sort of, and the other was, in the words of the three Democratic debaters, a “fascist” billionaire with a big mouth (O’Malley), whose anti-Muslim rants make him “ISIS’s best recruiter” (Clinton) and who tells otherwise disaffected voters that “we’ve got to hate the Mexicans…we’ve got to hate the Muslims.” (Sanders)

If you’re about to say that some of that sounds over the top — like Clinton’s suggestion that ISIS is using Trump videos as a recruiting tool — you have to first ask yourself how you can possibly get more over the top than sky-scraping Trump. Last seen, he was doing his round of the Sunday morning news shows to insist, once again, that his nonexistent 9/11-celebrating Jersey City Muslims were real, but, far more strangely, also to defend his new best friend Vladimir Putin, saying there was no proof that Putin had killed journalists or anyone else.

If establishment Republicans weren’t already sick with worry about the Donald — and, of course, they are — the Democratic debate must have pushed them over the top.

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