Littwin: Trump’s descent into madness wasn’t a dream after all |

Littwin: Trump’s descent into madness wasn’t a dream after all

Mike Littwin
Fair & Unbalanced

Donald Trump was up early, or maybe he was up late — or maybe he hadn’t slept at all, or maybe he hasn’t slept in weeks.

We don’t know. What we do know is that while much of America presumably slept, Donald Trump was up and apparently too wide awake, banging away at The Twitter, where his millions of followers — and how apt the word “followers” seems — could see their leader gone mad.

How else to describe the would-be leader of the free world when he suggests that we check out an apparently nonexistent sex tape of Alicia Machado, the former Miss Universe and his present-day nemesis, to prove his point that … well, it doesn’t prove any point. But Trump wants to discredit Machado because last Monday — light years ago in campaign time — Hillary Clinton pointed out that Trump had once fat-shamed the beauty queen by calling her Miss Piggy.

It was a disastrous debate for Trump. But Trump, instead of studying for the next debate, just wants to re-litigate the last one, calling it rigged and unfair, blaming the microphone and blaming The Google, all the while trying to wriggle free from the Miss Universe trap that Clinton laid for him.

Which is why Trump was back to his old tricks, doubling and tripling and quadrupling down on his latest misstep, unable to let it go, unwilling to take advice from the people he pays to give him advice, incapable of controlling his most basic, and basest, impulses.