Littwin: Carly Fiorina won – so what happens to the Donald and the Carson? |

Littwin: Carly Fiorina won – so what happens to the Donald and the Carson?

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

By now everyone must know that Carly Fiorina won the marathon debate. By my unofficial pundit scorecard, it seems to be unanimous.

But picking the winner was the easy part. The harder part is in figuring out what it all means. Everyone — or at least 23 million people, which is close enough — saw it. But if there’s anything we’ve learned in this crazy political season, it’s that seeing is not necessarily believing.

Or how else do you explain the Donald? Or the Bern? Or the Ben? Nothing that has happened so far was predicted to have happened, so why not Carly?

We won’t have the answer for sure until the polls come in and until Nate Silver explains them. Sure, she’ll move up – but how much? And will the GOP establishment — scared of Trump, unimpressed by Ben Carson — accept her as the insider-outsider candidate who’s just establishment enough to be a legitimate contender?

She’s never held office. (The last non-politician to become president was Eisenhower and he had the advantage of having led the Normandy Invasion.) But she was the CEO of Hewlett-Packard and did run for the Senate. On the other hand, her tenure as CEO was a minefield, which is how she lost the run for the Senate, after which she has been compared to Mitt Romney, and not in a good way.

But as we wait for the polls, here’s a hint: The New York Times was already promoting her as a possible warrior in the Republicans’ longstanding battle against the Democratic charge of a GOP “war on women.” That might be getting slightly ahead of the game, but if she didn’t have Normandy, she did mention the Sixth Fleet during the debate.

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