Lilly: Vision for Aspen’s future |

Lilly: Vision for Aspen’s future

I have deep roots in this valley. One of the lucky ones that can say I was born and raised, and even better, a fourth generation of the Roaring Fork Valley. The change has been immense. Some good, some maybe not as much. 

I work with Skippy at SkyRun Vacation Rentals. All I’ve ever seen and known of Skippy is his kindness, his amazing work ethic, and his ability to see big pictures in situations where many struggle to find that clarity.

When I first read Skippy’s initiatives for his campaign, I’ll admit I was very leery. How can someone that is the heart and soul of a successful vacation rental company be supporting some of his initiatives that would seemingly go against our local vacation rental industry? It was unnerving, until I brought it up to him. 

For the next 30 minutes we sat while he concisely and openly talked about his initiatives, his visions for the future of Aspen, and all of his reasons suddenly made so much sense to me. Skippy steps in when others won’t. He doesn’t just talk the talk. Most importantly, he shows up. And undeniably just keeps showing up.

I look forward to supporting Skippy in his long-term vision of what the future Aspen experience will be. While it will never be the Aspen so many seem to mourning today, let’s look forward to it being the best it can be while never forgetting the good ol’ days. Only learning from them.

Lisa Lilly