Lift One’s slick campaign |

Lift One’s slick campaign

The Dec. 10 Aspen City Council meeting was nothing short of surreal. On the agenda was a discussion to reduce traffic coming into Aspen by 800 cars per day, a laudable goal since nearly all of us agree we need fewer cars in town.

Next on the agenda, the Gorsuch House proposal and a ballot question, the potential rezoning of this “conservation” area. No discussion on the impact that this gigantic project will have on traffic. No discussion about the tens of thousands of trips that will be made by dump trucks removing dirt or where it will go, our landfill being nearly full. No discussion about the tens of thousands of trips made by cement trucks, construction workers, or by those employed at the completed hotel who weren’t lucky enough to get into the scant housing mitigation.

What’s this project’s carbon footprint? Aren’t we a “green” community? What’s the guarantee this will be completed and not end up like the Aspen Club? What kind of precedent is this setting for the next developer? Why, when everyone is complaining about all the construction in town, is this giant project moving forward? Most surreal of all — councilors Frisch, Mullins and Hauenstein threw $4.36 million of your tax money at this. Councilman Myrin, who opposes this project, attempting to do his due diligence, suggested separating the ballot into two questions: the $4.36 million giveaway; the other, the zoning change, got nowhere. So why are we doing this? World Cup.

Threats that we will never ever have a World Cup event again unless we approve this project are baloney. We could have a World Cup race at the Highlands if we wanted to. We could have kept the World Cup downhill on the 1A side if Skico had put in a high-speed lift 25 years ago, but they didn’t. We could have had a downhill on the gondi side running it on the 24 Hours of Aspen course, but we didn’t. We let the downhill go, and frankly I don’t remember that many people being upset.

I wish I could support this project, it being my old stomping grounds; it just doesn’t pass the smell test for me. I fear we are the victims of a very clever marketing campaign.

Yasmine de Pagter