Lift One a scary proposition

As a person who works to build organic gardens for hunger relief while educating and empowering communities about the importance of sustainability, and as a downvalley resident, I am appalled by the Lift One corridor plan.

While on one hand, the city of Aspen and Aspen Skiing Co. have proclaimed commitments to reducing carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change, they have entered into a deal that not only impacts Aspen, but all of us who live in the Roaring Fork Valley who are looking at “several years” of construction, with an estimated 11,000 dump truck loads of soil from the base of Aspen Mountain, traveling Highway 82. That doesn’t take into account the cranes, trucks and vehicles carrying concrete, materials and workers.

While I totally agree that an upgrade to the base is needed, I have questions:

— Why was this ballot question not presented as two or three questions to address code and other contradictory issues?

— Why is the public subsidizing the project to the tune of $4.36 million, when the developers are capable of spending $215,728 thus far advertising and why is the proposed ski museum in the basement?

— What are the Lift One developers doing to address energy efficiency in their properties?

— Has a study been done on the environmental and carbon impacts of increased traffic and construction?

— Has a study or testing occurred on the stability of the soil uphill from the construction zone, that twice previously, (while I lived in Aspen), scarily threatened downtown with mudslides?

— Has an analysis been done on traffic, damage to roads, how much repairs will cost, and who will pay for those repairs?

Rushing to vote for the plan as it stands is a mistake that impacts many beyond Aspen. Please vote “no” on the Lift One corridor.

Kim Doyle Wille