Libby: A party hijacked |

Libby: A party hijacked

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

So, let’s get this right. We have a political party that has always prided itself on the pillars of democracy, protecting individual freedoms and the rule of law now led by someone who has demonstrated unethical, amoral, and antidemocratic beliefs and behaviors. That individual has inspired an insurrection that threatened the lives of their own elected representatives and perpetrated a false narrative that includes election fraud that he could only have known if, in fact, it was his rigging that failed.

Now, we have a democracy that is defined by election losers refusing to accept the voters’ choice and winners not credible for the very same reason.

I once identified as a Republican, when it represented democratic values and fiscal conservatism. However, it has been hijacked by greed and a disregard for honesty and decency.

Their fiscal issues are to protect the wealthy; environmental agenda to feed natural disasters and deny the impact of climate change; educational agenda to under educate; and immigration agenda to vilify and discriminate. Women have had their physical autonomy and legal rights subordinated. Health care will become unaffordable and inaccessible as they continue to dismantle the ACA, which provides health insurance for so many who will have none when it is gone. If you think the economy and inflation are what decides your vote, then you may be missing the point.

Economies recover. Political fiascos do not. If you do not believe in our democracy, please do not vote. Our lives are at stake.

Russell Libby