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Lewis: The electorate has spoken

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The electorate has spoken
And the message is clear
Aspen is broken
And change is here

No more magical dreams
And foo-foo dust
Unworkable schemes
And loss of trust

Dig in, boys
Councilmen Rose and Guth
Ignore the noise
Speak the truth

Yes, keep Aspen’s ideals in place
Embrace Body, Mind, and Spirit
But don’t leave traffic stalled in place
Move it; you’ll never disappear-it

You need not Hunt for problems to solve
Look at the Bakery, the Onion, the Palace
But you must ensure Aspen will evolve
As the valley is roiling with malice

Tomorrow won’t be like yesterday
Aspen’s sweet past is gone forever
But the status quo must now give way
To achievement, not just palaver

Greg Lewis

Snowmass Village