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Lewis: Ready to be Snowmass mayor

Reed Lewis
Reed Lewis
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I take an active interest in whatever community I finds myself. I am grateful for being able to have lived in Snowmass Village since graduation from Colgate University in 1996 and believe being elected mayor will allow me to give back to the community that has afforded me the opportunity to live, play, and thrive here. 

I am ready to help lead by asking the tough questions, listening, and building solutions through consensus.  

I believes one of the fundamental questions we must ask ourselves personally and as a town is “How do we want to feel?” When we bring into our awareness the concept of Snowmass Village, do we feel a positive or negative charge? Do we go into thoughts of all our challenges or does it invoke feelings of self-reflection, awe, and gratitude? What if it weren’t an either/or but an and …?

Let’s remember the energy that drew us to this place and harness it in thoughtful ways to innovate our village to new levels. Let’s be an example of how to retain our character while sustainably moving forward in ways that don’t just inspire us but can be an example to other communities, resorts, and municipalities sharing similar challenges.

We have a unique opportunity in our small town to build upon the strength of working together to tackle tough issues such as employee housing, community/resort balance, and being mindful about the pace at which we are continuing to approve projects of major impact.

I would be honored to have your vote in the upcoming election and will continue to use my business and life experiences to help elevate Snowmass Village to become the best version of itself we can create. Please join me. 

Reed Lewis is running against incumbent Bill Madsen for mayor of Snowmass Village.