Lewis: Bridge of Size

There’s London Bridge and the Golden Gate
And the Bridge Over the River Kwai
The Hangzhou Bay Bridge goes 21 miles
And there’s the Venice Bridge of Sighs

But the Castle Creek Bridge into Aspen
Is the most complex bridge of all
For it must cross broad contempt
And an inevitable legal brawl

A new bridge must be wide enough
Yet, accommodate the narrow minded
It must be Rocky Mountain High
But low enough no view is blinded

Meanwhile, vehicles can’t get in or out
Cars and trucks clog Cemetery Lane 
The West End is a parking lot
Everyone’s going insane

How to satisfy those against change
Before someone commits a crime
How to build consensus
How to do all this on time

Just saying no won’t get us to yes
There’s no way for everyone to win
But we’ll all be trapped together in Hell
If we don’t work together and begin

Greg Lewis

Snowmass Village